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Introducing the new MIA airport rental car center in the heart of Miami-Dade county.

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Miami Rental Car Center (RCC)
The new Miami Rental Car Center (RCC) is located at 3900 NW 25 Street and consolidates 16 rental car companies, including Royal Rent-a-Car.

The RCC serves approximately 28,000 customers on a daily basis and has the first integrated vehicle washing and re-fueling stations in the United States. Known as the Quick Turnaround Area (QTA), this state-of-the-art facility can wash and re-fuel 300 vehicles an hour thanks to the 120 gas pumps and 42 car washing bays positioned across three garage levels.
Currently, visitors coming from the Miami International Airport can board a free shuttle service that runs to and from the new RCC facility.

The shuttle bus service is scheduled to be replaced by the MIA Mover in fall 2011. This automated people mover system runs 1.25 miles long and is capable of transporting 3,000 passengers every hour between the Miami International Airport and the Rental Car Center.

Both the shuttle bus service and the upcoming MIA Mover drop off its passengers on the fourth floor of the RCC. You can find Royal Rent-A-Car conveniently placed on this same floor.

For more information, visit the official RCC webpage at:

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