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Car Rental Service for People with Disabilities


Hand Controls

Cars equipped with Hand Controls (a device which attach to the gas and brake pedal of the vehicle) are available at Royal Rent-A-Car. At no extra charge, you can reserve a car equipped with hand controls with reasonable advanced notice; requiring at least 72 hours.

*While we can provide hand controls on certain vehicles within our fleet, due to customer safety and vehicle availability considerations, we cannot provide a hand control device on every model or confirm a specific make or model for a reservation.


Spinner knobs for steering wheel control are available at no extra charge but must be reserved at least 72 hours in advance.

Surrogate Drivers

Customers with disabilities who do not have a driver's license can still rent a car (sign as guarantor with his/her credit card) with Royal Rent-A-Car when accompanied by a surrogate driver who presents a valid driver's license and meets our minimum age restrictions and other normal rental qualifications (surrogate driver need not produce a credit card)

Please note: Customers will be responsible for their disabled parking permit, as Royal Rent-A-Car does not provide International Symbol of Accessibility Permit or ISA.

If you are having any problems reserving a vehicle that meets your needs using the online reservation system, please call us at 1-800-314-8616.  


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